There are four of us, each of us is different. Playing, we try to create a unique, unusual landscape. We get along well with each other. We try to deviate from the traditional songwriting for the sake of experiment in its broadest sense. Thus, we challenge traditional composing, sound and the listening habits of the audience. The construction of our compositions is mostly linear and culminant: the story opens lazily, hypnotically; the guitars build up some pleasant harmonies, the vocal line creates melodic phrases, voice spins its thread; after a while composition thickens, the voice reaches higher notes and goes louder turning into a scream. It gets loud and chaotic, everything is followed by an explosion. At times, the explosion takes place at the very beginning...

behind the guitar: Maciej Baczak
behind the guitar and the microphone: Konrad Nikiel
behind the bass guitar: Darek Mach
behind the drums: Marcin Trylski

The instruments are of flesh and blood.


  • alternative songs